Ferrari 166 F2 1950

Ferrari 166 F2 1950

1950 Swiss Grand Prix, Berna

Brand new frame with De Dion rear axle for Raymond Sommer at the Swiss Grand Prix at Berna in june 1950,

Many F2 victories in 1950 (also with older models) :

- GP of Marseille, Eastern Switzerland at Erlen, Monza's Autodromo, for Luigi Villoresi,
- GP of Modena's Autodromo, Mons, Roma, Germany, Jean-Pierre Wimille Cup at  Reims, Circuit di Garde, for Alberto Ascari,
- GP of Roubaix, Aix-Les-Bains and Berna for Raymond Sommer,
- GP of Napoli for Franco Cortese.  

Not to mention victories in South America by Ascari and Villoresi on 166 C in early 1950 or Fangio at the end of the year... 

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  • 1950 Swiss Grand Prix, Berna